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Recruitment and Retention - Nodelogix

Recruitment and Retention


The benefits of streamlining employee recruitment and retention are clear,but how does an organization go about bringing efficiency to its recruitment program?  A clear commitment to improving the employee life cycle will help focus your efforts and yield optimal results.  It seems simple, but the employee life cycle is a critical component of any successful recruitment and retention program.  Simply put, the cycle represents all stages of employment – attracting a potential employee, recruiting them and, most importantly, retaining them.


Organizations must differentiate themselves from the crowd in order to attract the best possible candidate.  Do you stand out among your competitors?  Is your corporate brand recognized as a top employer in the area?  If not, then you aren’t going to attract the high-caliber recruits you want.  Brand is everything, we all know that – but we often limit our brand conscientiousness to how current and potential clients view us.  If you improve your brand recognition and corporate reputation with a focus on attracting quality, long-term employees, your customer image will also improve.  Why?  The energy and attitude of companies with hard-working, committed and energetic employees reverberates with clients and prospects, and helps improve their perception of your company.


Building prospective employee’s interest in your company is a great start, but then what?  Getting them interested and getting them on board are two entirely different challenges. Recruitment isn’t limited to pre-employment screenings and the hiring process, but also extends to the orientation and acclimation period.  Refining and improving this stage of the employee life cycle is a critical component of ensuring a successful human resources policy, and will make it much easier to retain high-performing employees and attract quality recruits.  Remember, first impressions set the tone for an experience, so make sure you put your best foot forward in the recruiting process.


Finally, what good is it to attract and recruit quality employees if you don’t keep them?  Turnover can cripple an organization and leave a team disjointed and overwhelmed.  Fostering an enjoyable and respectful work environment will help keep those high performing employees from getting restless or discouraged and moving on.  It is much easier and more cost-effective to keep a functioning, capable staff in place than it is to constantly search for new talent.


Here’s a taste of the sort of work involved in each of our framework’s seven steps. For a detailed look at how Seven Step’s recruitment framework could be applied to your hiring needs, just talk to us.

●     Step 1 – Setup

  • Assess past/ current recruiting strategy
  • Design custom recruitment process
  • Establish advisory relationship with HM

●     Step 2 – Source

  • Building sourcing strategy
  • Data mining
  • Search engine optimization of all postings
  • Targeted social media & event based networking

●     Step 3 – Screen

  • Phone-screen candidates
  • Behavioral screening
  • Test and assess
  • Assessment tool recommendation
  • Selling the job opportunity
  • Building a robust referral network

●     Step 4 – Schedule

  • Schedule interviews
  • Confirm interviews
  • Extensive candidate interview preparation

●     Step 5 – Feedback

  • Gather manager feedback
  • Gather candidate feedback
  • Maximize # of “YES” candidates
  • HM interview skills analysis & optimization

●     Step 6 – Offer

  • In depth candidate pre-closure
  • Market research and offer analysis
  • Negotiate and extend offers

●     Step 7 – Onboard

  • Conduct background and reference checks
  • Enroll candidate
  • Pre-start welcome session
  • Post-start follow up

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