Enterprise Data Lake

A Data Lake can meet the storage needs of your Modern Data Center. NodeLogix can help you reap the full benefits of a Data Lake. A modernized data warehouse, a Data Lake is scale-out storage for data consolidation. It allows for Big Data accessibility using traditional and next-generation access methods to gain value through analytics.Meet the demands of your storage growth with massive capacity

Expand to a public or private cloud

Deploy seamless replication of the data to the core

Derive business value through analytics

Benefits of Data Lake:


  • Eliminate silos, reduce costs, and simplify.
  • Streamline to an enterprise-proven, scale-out platform for unstructured and structured data. Using a single volume with massive capacity is easy to manage without data migrations.


  • Increase efficiency and optimize resources.
  • Optimize storage with flexible deployment and protection capabilities. Expand seamlessly to the cloud while being transparent to users and applications.


  • Leverage Big Data analytics to gain insight.
  • Enable in-place analytics to discover actionable insights at the speed your business decisions require.