NoSQL Consulting and Development

NoSQL is empowering businesses to be agile and scalable and operate with much higher speed and flexibility. Using NoSQL appropriately enables new types of applications and improves customer experiences with digital strategies. NoSQL enterprise deployments are mostly for net new applications in the business – exactly those applications that have big data needs. It’s a perfect dichotomy of need and solution.

Our NoSQL Strategy service will align your business goals with NoSQL capabilities. We will help determine the right workloads to move to or put on NoSQL and the right NoSQL platform to select, whether that is a key-value, a column store, a document store or a graph database.

We have been on the inside of the NoSQL movement since before its public inception. Yet, with an enterprise production mindset, we see the shortcomings. We find NoSQL valuable with proper understanding of the tradeoffs. We also help you get started by migrating existing content from legacy SQL to NoSQL databases.